Friday, June 1, 2012

Colourful Times

This week I went ahead and splurged a little bit. I bought tickets for the harvest picnic festival. I debated with myself on the wisdom of buying relatively pricey tickets for a show that is Sept 1, less than two weeks after my baby's due date of Aug 20, but the prospect of seeing Feist and whole bunch of other great performers in a park setting was too much to resist. And perhaps this is fool hardy thinking, but Clarence came a week early so maybe baby #2 will do the same. Alright, so that is completely fool hardy thinking and I'll just see how it goes.

I took a little trip down to Locke Street and purchased the tickets from Pics and Sticks, which saved me the inflated handling fees of ordering them from ticketmaster. Naturally, I used some of that savings to get a treat from Bitten, a bakery that's also on Locke. Uch, so yummy. The cupcakes were delicious and also the whole store has a really fun look which is demonstrated by the box we took the cupcakes home in. From the time we left the bakery to when we arrived home, Clarence held on to the bright green Bitten box with great delight. Sure he knew there were cupcakes inside, but that's also the power of colour.

There are many ideas about colour, its meaning and psychological effect, and whenever I come across some show or article about colour, I usually can't help but check it out. Not long ago, a CBC radio show that kept me company while I was doing some watercolour painting was Ideas with Paul Kennedy. The show did a three part series entitled The Power of Colour. If you have the time and opportunity, it's an interesting listen.