Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mysterious Beagle

The most recent pet painting I finished was done from a blurry old photograph of a beagle named Cleo. This beloved family pet lived long before the time of digital cameras and so there was only one photo for me to work from. When I looked at other beagle images to gather a little more visual information, I couldn't find a single beagle who looked anything like Cleo. When the watercolour was completed and delivered to its happy new owner, I found out the reason I couldn't find any similar beagle examples is that Cleo was diabetic. Mystery solved!

Now that the Christmas holidays are in full swing, I'm enjoying some relaxation that doesn't involve painting, but starting to feel restless to start something new. I think a trip to the art supply store is due. My birthday is on Thursday and I may just treat myself to some new supplies.