Friday, February 24, 2012

Orchid Instructions

Orchid, waterolour, 5.5 x 7.5 inches


There's a wonderful purple orchid blooming in my studio right now, and it's a pretty irresistible subject for a painting. I don't think I have my orchid care quite right because the first flower comes out well before the rest of the stem has finished producing buds, but the effect is still lovely. There is so much detail and wonder in one orchid flower that if the plant had given me numerous blossoms to paint at once, I think this painting would have taken me a ridiculously long time. There is also a delight in seeing the flowers in their various stages of development simultaneously. It's a reminder that as much as it would be nice to sometimes just get to the end result that you want, it's the process that makes everything possible.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

New Beginnings

A new-to-me drawing table, monitor and computer chair 


One of the things that I most love about the city of Hamilton are the kind and helpful people. Above, are pictures of my newly improved studio space which feature the drafting table that I had given to me by someone I met at the Christmas Makers' Market last year on James Street. Bruce was the father of one of the other vendors and after spending some time at my table, he asked if I would have use for a large, antique drafting table that once belonged to an architect. Um, yes, please. He and his wife were moving and Bruce liked the idea of clearing out the drawing table to someone who would get good use from it. So Bruce, if you happen to see this blurb of mine, thank you again! The table is awesome. Its adjustable height has relieved some strain in my shoulders and neck and I love what a huge surface it has.

I couldn't resist including a shot of what the other half my studio room looks like. A plastic partition separates "mommy's art space" (Clarence's term, not mine), from Clarence's play room. We both get to enjoy the sunlight and watch the birds, while also enjoying each other's company. It's a pretty sweet set up, I must say. Admittedly I haven't been doing as much work in my studio in the last three months, including posting new things here, but I have a pretty solid excuse-- nausea and exhaustion. Yup, I'm pregnant. Woohoo! The baby is due August 20th so I still have plenty of painting time before then. These days I'm feeling more energetic and less sick, so I'm looking forward to sharing new work in the months ahead.